Interphone Connect Bluetooth Communication System Double Pack
Interphone Connect Bluetooth Communication System Double Pack
€ 270,00
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  • Call duration: up to 15 hours
  • Standby: up to 1.000 hours
  • Charging time: 100% charging in 2 hours
  • Direct access keys for functions (Quick Touch)
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Smartphone app: Compatible with iOS and Android. Allows you to set and control the intercom directly from your smartphone.
  • Anycom: Enables communication with INTERCOM devices Bluetooth of all brands in full duplex mode

Intercom Mode:

  • 2 users: Driver - passenger

Intercom Range:

  • 10 m

Mobile Phone:

  • Speed dial: Ability to store a phone number to be quickly retrieved from the intercom with a command
  • Voice call (based on the mobile phone model)
  • Redialing the last call

Integrated UKW-Radio:

  • Reception from 88.0 MHz to 108 MHz
  • RDS function (selection of best frequencies based on zones)
  • 8 storable stations
  • Automatic storage of the first 8 most powerful stations
  • Automatic muting for incoming calls


  • Compatible with major Bluetooth® navigators for motorcycles
  • GPS voice guidance
  • Compatible with major smartphone navigation apps


  • Wireless MP3 playback (A2DP / AVRCP) from smartphone and MP3 player
  • Song Sharing: Sharing music between driver and passenger

Firmware Update:

  • Firmware update from PC (Windows and MacOs)


  • most helmets on the market
  • all smartphones with Bluetooth® technology
  • GPS navigators with Bluetooth® technology
  • Intercoms of other brands
  • Interphone of the previous series


  • Waterproof after: IP67


  • Recorded voice messages (with updatable multilingual packages)
  • Windproof directional microphone
  • NDVC - Automatic volume adjustment
  • Dual volume adjustment mode / a) for jet and modular helmets / b) for integral helmets


  • Chipset: High-performance processor with low energy consumption and low power consumption
  • Bluetooth Version 4.2
  • USB cable with Micro-USB charging plug
  • Microphone and speaker jacks (MINI USB) and for charging, data and AUX (MICRO USB)


  • Weight: 55 g
  • length: 86,9 mm
  • height: 50,4 mm
  • Depth: 22 mm


  • Quick release system of the control unit
  • Double holder for the helmet (clip and glue)
  • Internal audio group with ultra-thin earphones
  • boom microphone (jet and module helmets) and adhesive (helmets integrals)
  • Data and charging microusb cables
  • 2 control units
  • 2 installation kits for 2 helmets

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